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Directories, Encylopedias, and Lists

This section is for directories, encylopedias, and lists of information or resources. Some of these links may include a search capality as well.

  • The Awesome List 1.23 compiled by John Makulowich
  • The Best Directory, a searchable directory of "only the best" web sites, by category.
  • The Best of WWW Contest.
  •, produced by Britannica, contains material from the encylopedia and the Internet
  • 06/11/01 The Canadian Enclyclopedia, full text currently available free
  • CyberTimes Navigator, produced by the New York Times as a resource for its journalists
  • 06/11/01 Encarta, concise version of Microsoft's encyclopedia. Click the research link to access the encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas and electronic library (periodicals).
  • 06/11/01, produced by Infonautics Corp, text of the one-volume Columbia encyclopedia, articles are free but premium content requires paid registration
  • Explore the Internet, a resource page maintained by the Library of Congress, includes a lists of search tools and indexes, a subject list, a list of US government resources, and a list of guides and information about the Internet. Recommended.
  • Galaxy - an exhaustive directory of Internet resources, organized by subject, and fully searchable.
  • Gateway to Infinity, many pointers to search engines and information servers.
  •, Internet news and resources, published by Mecklermedia
  • Librarian's Index to the Internet, "a searchable, annotated, subject directory of close to 3,000 Internet resources chosen for their usefulness to the public library user's information needs."
  • Links2Go, well-organized directory and they made Internet Resources for Technical Communicators a Key Resource.
  • Martindale's The Reference Desk, lots of academic and current events links
  • The Mining Company, interesting site, subject areas have articles, tips, etc., as well as site links. Pages have "guides", people who are responsible for the content.
  • Netcenter, Netscape's interactive directory of Web sites and portal to the 'net.
  • Open Directory project, building a Web directory with volunteer input, used by InfoSpace
  •, "the single best source for facts on the net"
  • WWW Virtual Library Web subject catalog.
  • Yahoo, one of the Web's major directories.
  • Yahoo Canada, Canadian edition of Yahoo

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