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Search Tools

This section is for tools that allow you to search for information on the Internet. It's sorted into the same categories used by PC Magazine in their reviws of search tools, except that directories are in the Catalogs and Lists section (which is where you'll find Yahoo).

Search Indexes

  • Alta Vista, accessed from Digital's home page, Alpha-based search engine
  • Direct Hit, ranks by popularity, " tracks the sites that people actually select from the search results list".
  •, search for pictures
  • Excite, features annotated search results and listings
  • FAST Search, "all of the web, all of the time"
  • Google, produces highly relevant results by rating links to sites, currently my #1 search engine
  • HotBot, a search site originally by Wired Magazine, now part of Lycos
  • LookSmart, designed for families, owned by Reader's Digest
  • Lycos
  • MSN Search, Microsoft's entry in the search engine sweepstakes
  • Search.internet,com, search the portal, various magazines and tech-related sites
  • Northern Light, can search the Web or a propietary special collection
  • Search Engine Watch, this isn't a search engine per se, but is a site that provides much information about how search engines work.
  • WebCrawler, large database with simple search form, now owned by Excite

People Finders

  • AllWhois, search any domain name in the world
  • Bigfoot, search for email addresses
  • Canada411, search for Canadian phone numbers
  • Four11, search for email addresses and US phone numbers
  • InfoSpace, can do Canadian and reverse-directory lookups
  • Internet Address Finder, find Internet users by name or email address
  • WhoWhere, can search for email, phone and address, or web location, now a part of Lycos
  • WorldPages, for searching outside the US

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