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This page provides links to articles about technical communication that I've written or other people have submitted for publication here.

I am looking for articles to publish. Please email me if you have something you would like to see published here. Note that this is a non-commercial site -- I don't pay for articles.

Some articles are also on my weblog, Core Dump, including:

Kill Client
Document Review Process? Don't Get Me Started ...
Productivity: FrameMaker Beats Word
Longhorn is Going to Change Help Authoring - Again


Title Author Description
Cascading Style Sheets-An Overview Keith Soltys A brief introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), originally presented to the STC Toronto Online SIG.
EDD Maintenance Techniques Lynne A. Price A discussion of some techniques to make your life easier when working with FrameMaker+SGML EDDs.
Essential Resources for FrameMaker Users Keith Soltys A guide to Internet resources that every FrameMaker user should know about.
Essential Resources for Word Users Keith Soltys A guide to Internet resources that every Microsoft Word user should know about.
The Joy of Single-sourcing Hedley Finger Tips on single-sourcing from a writer who's been there.
A Replacement for the WordHelp Apply Media Type macro Keith Soltys NEW Applies one of four media types without checking that the selection is part of an existing media type. This is a Word .dot template, instructions are in the .dot file.
Usenet for Technical Writers Keith Soltys A guide to Usenet focusing on newsgroups of interest to technical writers.
Using VBA to Prototype a Software Interface Geoff Hart Explains how to use Microsoft Office applications for quick-and-dirty software interface prototyping.
What to Expect When Moving to SGML Lynne A. Price A brief overview of FrameMaker+SGML, structured documents, and SGML.
X Marks the Spot Michael Skeet An explanation of how one writer is using XML to produce documentation and why it's such a great idea.


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