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The following list is for resources related to the production of online help and for discussion of online communication in general. The Online Help section was originally for Windows Help only, but can now be taken to include other forms of online help, such as HTML Help and JavaHelp.

Online Help


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Online Publishing and Information

This section includes information on writing for online in general, as opposed to Web specific information. (The distinction is a bit arbitrary, so you may find related information on the WWW Publishing page.) Note that some of the links are for companies that do consulting in the field, but I've included the links here as they provide useful information on their Web site.

  • The Art of Electronic Publishing, by Sandy Ressler. This site has the full text of the book of the same name. This site looks like it requires a recent browser for proper viewing.
  • HyperTerrorist's Timeline of Hypertext History, a hyper-linked history of hypertext and related topics
  • HyperTexas, Winhelp, multimedia, HTML, and training
  • Hyperviews: Online, the Web site of the STC Online Information SIG
  • Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, "A Journal for New Media", published by the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California
  • William Horton Consulting home page. Bill Horton is the author of Designing and Writing Online Documentation, Designing Web-Based Trainging, and many other books. You can download some of his presentation slides and purchase some of his books online in PDF, including the classic Illustrating Computer Documentation.
  • 03/17/02 Rapid Navigation in Online Documents, "design of documents and viewers to support structured hypertext and easy skimming"
  • The Rockley Group Inc., experts in multimedia, online publishing, single-sourcing, and SGML/XML
  • A Style Guide for Online Hypertext, a W3C document, now somewhat dated, but still useful.
  • Writing for the Web, "research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen."
  • 03/17/02 Writing for the Web, written for people who want to publish research on the web
  • WWW Hypertext Style, by Jerry Tutsch. Good article (in hypertext format) on hypertext structure and style conventions as applied to WWW documents. Can be applied to other forms of online publication.

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