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This page is a list of links to sites that contain information about usability of documentation, software, and web sites.Ease of Use page at IBM, "Discover new innovations, user-centered design, guidelines, stories, technologies and other resources to help improve the total-user-experience for your products and services."

  • For Use, "The Web site for practitioners of user-centered design"
  • Usable Web, links about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web
  •, produced by the US National Cancer Institute, "your resource for designing usable, useful and accessible web sites and user interfaces"
  • Usability for Technical Communicators, discusses the relationship between usability and technical communication
  • 03/17/02 Usability News, a newsletter of the Software Usability Research Laboratory, Witchita State University
  • User Friendly Manuals' Home Page, by PRC, a Danish company specializing in usable documentation, page has links to usability information and other useful resources
  • User Interface Engineering, publishers of the Eye for Design newsletter, home of user-interface expert Jared M. Spool.
  • Craig Marion's Software Design Smorgasboard, "perspectives on the cutting edge of software design and usability", contains information and an extensive series of annotated links to sites about human-computer interation, usability engineering, visualization, multimedia, and similar topics. Each topic area has an introductory article followed by a list of resources. Recommended.
  • Usable Information Technology, Jakob Nielsen's site with much information about usabilty

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