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This page is for resources related to Web design and publishing, and for more advanced topics, such as, CGI, Perl, Javascript, and Java. Links related specifically to the HTML language used to produce WWW documents and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are on the HTML page. This page has the following sections:

Web Page Design

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Designing for Accessibility

This section contains links related to designing web pages that work with as many browsers as possible. This is particularly important to blind and visually impaired users, who may be using text-mode browsers with a speech synthesizer.

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WWW Resources

  • 03/17/02 Blogger, add a web log to your site
  • BUILDER.COM, a c/net site that they call 'the site for site builders'.
  • DEV.X, The Development Exchange, Java and Web programming, as well as C++ and VB info
  • 03/17/02 Developers Paradise, " your source for web-development and internet technology resources from and around the web"
  • 03/17/02 GUIStuff, graphical tools for web sites
  • HTML Writer's Guild web page
  • MSDN Online, developer information from Microsoft, including but not limited to Web developement. Best viewed with Internet Explorer.
  • Poor Richard's Web Site, a site based on the  book of the same name. "Geek-Free, Commonsense Advice on Building a Low-Cost Web Site". Includes a really comprehensive (800 item) list of links.
  •, "an integrated network of information resource sites aimed at serving the broader needs of Internet users by offering a central location for everything pertaining to building, profiting and promoting a Web site."
  • Webmonkey,
  • - The webmaster's reference library
  • 03/17/02 Webreview, "the largest and longest-standing weekly site dedicated to Web professionals"
  • 03/17/02 W3Schools, online and free tutorials, on web technologies (HTML, XML, CSS and more)


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CGI and Perl

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Java and Javascript


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